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Your Sensitivity Will Save You

I have a revolutionary idea. The future is feeling. Our sensitivity saves us, with emotional courage bringing us closer to love, to our true self and to each other, making outside indoctrination totally obsolete. At one point I thought my spirituality saved me, but it’s my sensitivity that is my truth and savior. A few years ago I wrote a…
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Emotional Courage

The most common challenge that people come to me for is in their relationships, especially romantic relationships. For a long time we may have settled for less than we deserve, stayed in toxic bonds, or felt trapped in lifelong patterns that created more pain in relationships. I wrote a post on social media this week that said: Maybe he loved…
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Living Connected to Life, to Love,
to your Humanness

A 50+ card deck with daily reflections and digital reminders + a journal and podcast, to deepen the relationship with yourself.


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