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The emotional truth beneath depression and anxiety

On the other side of feeling emotions we’ve long suppressed are all the things. All the things we hear shouted out every day—let go, forgive, love yourself, speak your truth, choose happiness! The pretty things that we promote and inspire others to do but without the roadmap how to get there. The roadmap that we don’t quite know ourselves because…
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How to stop choosing emotionally unavailable people

It takes emotional courage to know who we are, what we want,and that we are worthy enough of our desires and needs to speak them to someone else. And to let it be a deal breaker if our hearts can’t be met. In today’s podcast I’m talking about how to stop choosing emotionally unavailable people and why having emotional needs…
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Living Connected to Life, to Love,
to your Humanness

A 50+ card deck with daily reflections and digital reminders + a journal and podcast, to deepen the relationship with yourself.


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