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Love is art


Love is art – we paint the world with the beauty of who we are. Are you ready to live in love? Fully. Completely. Totally. Today marks the final day to join the Living In Love Course where we will begin the six-week journey together! Just in time for February, the month of love. Only now we focus not only…
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Relationships are catalysts for self-love


Relationships are a holy container for growth and expansion. We didn’t come here to do this alone – we came here to learn together. The soulmate isn’t the other half that completes us – soulmates are catalysts to help us remember our own wholeness. They shake us awake, helping us to see the places where we have not been loving…
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Self-Trust: The True Leap of Faith


On and off my spiritual path my ego has placed me into “waiting” mode or living in a fantasy of a potential future, rather than fully living in the now moment. It was a long-held pattern of my ego to let things go on longer than necessary. I would wait so long to take action or make changes, that sometimes…
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How I detoxed my life without trying


Spirit has always guided me to first feel it and live it and integrate it before sharing it so I’ll process something for months or years and then I’ll know when to share it because I’ll feel anxious if I don’t put it out – that’s how I know it’s ready. It’s never been a process of thinking of ideas…
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The act of mentoring is to hold the highest vision for someone, to see their full potential and guide them so they can fully step into it. To live creatively, purposefully, and fearlessly.

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