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Getting unstuck and out of emotional patterns

The biggest question I get, “Being very sensitive, I already feel my feelings but I’m stuck in unwanted emotions—why?” In today’s podcast why feeling isn’t enough and feeling the deeper emotional root is how we heal. The original cause of the hurt will attract circumstances in our lives so we can heal them. We know that something will appear until…
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The emotional truth beneath depression and anxiety

On the other side of feeling emotions we’ve long suppressed are all the things. All the things we hear shouted out every day—let go, forgive, love yourself, speak your truth, choose happiness! The pretty things that we promote and inspire others to do but without the roadmap how to get there. The roadmap that we don’t quite know ourselves because…
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Living Connected to Life, to Love,
to your Humanness

A 50+ card deck with daily reflections and digital reminders + a journal and podcast, to deepen the relationship with yourself.


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