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The #lovepioneer App Launch

For the past five years meditation has rocked my life from the inside out. From the beginning of my spiritual journey, meditation has been my primary vehicle home. Life has taken me through the divine storm, rock bottoms, dark nights, sweeter love than I ever knew, twists and turns, endings and beginnings, and the gamut of emotions. Being able to…
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The journey is the goal

Sometimes words pour out of me and I don’t know where they’re supposed to go – and this week I realized they needed to be here. For you. They come from my heart and from countless conversations I’ve had lately with sensitive ones, empaths, spiritual seekers, those wanting to heal their relationships, and to live their purpose. It has come…
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Perfectionism: The Silent Trap

I feel that every soul has the deepest desire for three primary experiences while we are here: To love and be loved. To be free. To be fully self-expressed. To live our soul’s purpose. Perfectionism blocks us from all three. We will ignore ourselves – our wants and needs, our intuition. And hide ourselves – our emotions, our vulnerability and…
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Let Love Transform
Your Human Experience

A daily dose of love to enhance your life and relationships, with meditation card reflections and intentions for meditation, iPhone reminders with your favorite messages, and your personal journal.


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The act of mentoring is to hold the highest vision for someone, to see their full potential and guide them so they can fully step into it. To live creatively, purposefully, and fearlessly.

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