Feel Your Emotions to Heal


When I first started meditating, I cried the first two months doing it. It wasn’t that I was so sad every time, but there were unprocessed feelings and emotions that were coming up to release so that I could feel lighter and more free–so that I could heal.

From a spiritual perspective, we are not our thoughts; we are not our body; and we are not our emotions. In truth, we are not broken, don’t need to be fixed, and there is nothing wrong with us. We come into the world from this pure place, but at a young age, we forget our innate perfection and wholeness as painful or misunderstood moments begin to condense and layer; we begin to identify ourselves through this lens of pain or hurt.

I witness a lot of us struggle with the avoidance or denial of feelings by using distractions or becoming codependent on food, relationships, work or substances to stuff down or numb out what’s coming up.

What we resist persists.

These feelings are actually our opportunity to break free from old ways of thinking and doing things–moving from a place of fear and hurt and into a place of love, freedom and happiness. When we’re not allowing feelings of discomfort, we’re denying ourselves the opportunity to heal and shift out of the old way of being that is no longer serving us. Fear is what stops us from allowing our feelings to come up and when we allow fear to take over, this is when our thoughts and behaviors are out of alignment with our higher choices and we stick with the unconscious habits and dependency on things outside of ourselves.

Rather than judging our feelings and emotions as bad or scary, we can begin to see them as opportunities to grow and expand, becoming more free, more peaceful, and more of who we really are. The moment something is coming up for us, it’s not an accident–it’s when we can take our power back by choosing to look at it, observe it, releasing judgment. In the moment that we do this, we break free from addictions, habits and old behaviors that are self-destructive and make us feel worse than if we just let ourselves get angry or cry it out.

As we allow ourselves to release unprocessed emotions, we empower ourselves to heal on a physical, mental and emotional level and move out of a space of being a victim of our past or present circumstances and into a space of love and clarity. When we release these emotions, we clear the space to experience who we really are again–the shining, bright, star that is here on the planet now to heal and in doing so heal everyone else because there is no separation; we are all connected.

Every moment we heal on a personal level, we heal on a global level.

I invite you to reflect on your habits or patterns that you would like to move past, and in the moments you feel discomfort, before acting check in with yourself and allow yourself to feel the feeling that is trying to come up. It won’t last forever and you might even find happiness on the other side of it.

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    Such wisdom….Just lovely!

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