Since I was a young girl, I was always very sensitive; deep thinking and feeling, with a strong desire to push past the status quo of an often harsh world, into more goodness. After a rocky road to salvation, I live with unshakeable courage and faith.

Over the past seven years, I have counseled men and women on relational, emotional and spiritual challenges, and those who experience life differently than most, carrying the burdens of the world. Some of us have been built to empathize with God, and share what He feels, so we will be prepared to fulfill His purpose for us.

Many of us, some who feel more spiritually sensitive than others, have a natural inclination to seek the truth; oftentimes we fall onto painful life paths of seeking for answers in self-help, therapy, New Age spirituality and other philosophies, positive thinking, or even years of painful relationships. None of which ever gave us a real, redeeming answer.

We experience many unique challenges in life and work and relationships, and each of these experiences are part of a beautiful learning opportunity that we have a whole lifetime to discover, through which we can be drawn closer to the heart of God.

God is getting ready to pour out His holy Spirit and truth on a remnant people in this generation, to set you free from worldly enslavement and suffering, and put you on a new course to inherit the Kingdom of the True and Living God. Leaders and prayer warriors will be raised up for the work of the Kingdom. ​We exist to love The Most High, to serve people, and exalt the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our Messiah.