Since I was a young girl, I was always very sensitive; I noticed how everything felt and what was unspoken or untrue very quickly, with a fierce desire to push past the status quo of an often harsh world, into more goodness. I live with unshakeable courage and faith, and this has translated into my calling to write and help people in a few different ways.

Over the past seven years, I have counseled sensitive and empathic men and women on relational, emotional and spiritual challenges. Sensitives feel like they’re “too much” or “crazy” and often feel overwhelmed by life. What if sensitivity is a gift? A precious God given ability that you were never guided in understanding? Consider this. Maybe you don’t need to be fixed. Maybe you’re just different. You’re not dealing with a disease or a disorder. You may experience life differently than most, carrying the burdens of the world. This means you are built to empathize with God, and share what He feels in much the same way you are able to share the feelings of other people. You can be who you’re designed to be and live in the image God made you.

I have personally transformed and thrive as a highly sensitive person, and I am now called to help sensitives and empaths get back life through Jesus Christ and to live from the heart He gave them.

Sensitives have a natural inclination to seek the truth; oftentimes they fall onto painful life paths of seeking for answers in self-help, therapy, New Age spirituality and other philosophies, positive thinking, painful relationships.

As sensitives we experience many unique challenges in life and work and relationships, and each of these experiences are part of a beautiful learning opportunity that we have a whole lifetime to discover, through which we can be drawn closer to the heart of God.

This website is a restoring place for your heart and to help you get back life, leading you through a process of spiritual maturity in Christ Jesus that will not only set you free from worldly enslavement and suffering, but keep you solidly grounded and on a steady course toward inheriting the Kingdom of the True and Living God.

I no longer charge for sessions, but accept a “love offering” from those who desire mentoring, and work on a case-by-case basis with whom I will schedule a time to talk.

It is a free gift to you, but if my work has helped you and you would like to support it financially, donations are accepted here.