After deeply committing to my own growth and also working with people over the past six years, my life’s work is to empower people to connect with their true self & in authentic human connection, with love and sensitivity being at the core of both.

Since I was born I’ve been very sensitive and have lived a life very connected to my feelings. Realizing this was my power, not my weakness, I help others to see this now.

After experiencing many years in anxiety and overwhelmed by my emotions, and relationship challenges, my life crumbled five years after I moved to New York City working in magazines, after moving from Boulder, Colorado.

This was a profound turning point in my life in which my pain began to unravel.

From here I accidentally experienced a spiritual awakening and subsequently spent thousands of hours in meditation and became an accidental urban monk. Growing up with Buddhist parents, meditation had been something I was familiar with but resisted my entire life. Five years later, I had a profound experience that I call a “human awakening” and discovered that life is not about arriving to a higher place or enlightenment (as I always knew deep down).

Two things have become very important to me: Feelings and Faith. Both have saved me.

Going deeper into my human feelings I started healing and got closer to real love. My faith in Life deepened and has given me emotional courage and fearlessness I never knew. Our sensitivity is a precious gift that is our aliveness. Our sensitivity can grow through our self love, giving us truth, clarity and an essential guidance system as our inner authority, for navigating an often challenging world.

Profound healing and happiness requires us to heal our emotional wounds and to then show up with more emotional courage in our daily modern lives & relationships. Our purpose is to know our true self, and learn love and truth through our connection to Life. An authentic life path is an emotionally honest human experience, not escaping from it or staying stuck in the suffering of it, but living more fully how we were meant to in every area of our lives.

The future is feeling. When we are connected to our feelings, we experience more self-compassion, and our human connections deepen, and we love each other in ways we couldn’t before, more vulnerably, more courageously. The passions and desires in our soul unfold from this love and faith in Life, and this is the heroic human journey.

Jennifer Kass is a writer and mentor. After spending the past six years working with hundreds of people one-on-one, Jennifer’s life’s work is to empower people to connect with their true self & in authentic human connection, through living, loving and leading with emotional courage. Jennifer created the #lovepioneer app + podcast, and the LIVING IN LOVE course–an online learning course for courageous living and loving in our daily modern lives & relationships. Jennifer received her degree in Journalism at the University of Colorado in Boulder. After working at Condé Nast Publishing for four years, Jennifer left to begin her mentoring work. Jennifer currently lives in New York City and is writing her first book.

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