Since I was a young girl I’ve had a fierceness that runs through me, fueled by an acute awareness that we need a world that works — that the current one is broken. But since I didn’t have the tools to understand why I was so angry or frustrated by the injustices and lack of harmony on the planet, I had trouble managing my sensitivities to the world around me. I had not made the connection yet that I was on the planet to contribute to the change I wished to see in the world.

The seeds were planted since birth. My parents were pioneering a more sustainable way of living by raising me on macrobiotics, Buddhism, and alternative medicine. But it wasn’t until my life crumbled in a divine storm five years after leaving my hometown Boulder to come to New York City – working in magazines, and living in codependent relationships for decades – that I experienced a profound inner shift that changed the course of my life. Over the past five years I have been deepening and integrating the changes and this source of inner love that I discovered through my journey inward in meditation, emotional healing and through my life challenges and relationships.

In 2011, a rockbottom breakup was the catalyst for an awakening six months later. I accepted the call, the invitation to step onto my soul’s path, and into a new world, leaving my old world behind. Love became a catalyst for healing myself and my relationships.

I became an accidental urban monk for four years spending time in a deep inner journey, to arrive to an understanding that our spirituality is not meant to be separate from life — it is not in esoteric practices, text and studies, workshops and certificates. True healing requires us to go deep inside and heal psychologically, emotionally and spiritually and to show up courageously in our lives to make the healthy changes we know we have to make.

Many times I am asked what made me decide to do the work I do and I always it unfolded from me as my heart opened to myself and then to the world. The most important training I have ever received is from life – my challenges and relationships are my greatest teachers.

As we learn to love ourselves, we can then love each other and we witness our relationships transform in a powerful way. We naturally live our life purpose as it comes through our own heroic journey.

I believe we all hold the same purpose which is to lead with love by becoming self-actualized humans. An authentic life path is one of expanding the human experience, not escaping from it or staying in the suffering of it, but living more fully how we were meant to in our daily life experience and relationships.

After experiencing a profound inner transformation in 2012 that changed the course of her life, Jennifer devoted the next four years to integrating and understanding her transformation, which marked the beginning of a powerful journey inward. Jennifer uses a psychological, emotional and spiritual approach in her work, for profound healing. Jennifer has worked with hundreds of clients one-on-one all over the world over the past six years and now shares her work through her writing, mentoring, speaking, podcast, her recently launched #lovepioneer meditation app, and the LIVING IN LOVE course. Jennifer received her degree in Journalism at the University of Colorado in Boulder. After working at Condé Nast Publishing for five years, Jennifer left to begin her mentoring work with those on a path of self-growth. In 2010, Jennifer also received her coaching certificate from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Jennifer currently lives in New York City and is writing her first book.

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