Getting life back

I have always lived with a feeling that all is possible, in hope, despite what I saw in the world, and through many life lessons and detours, I feel my life is a testimony of resilience. I am strengthened by a faith in God that’s redeeming, and alive with a heart that’s deep and whole.

After studying Journalism and English Literature in school in Colorado, and later coming to New York City to work at a magazine in Times Square, it was a desire to help people which led me to end my work in publishing in 2010, and begin counseling people and writing. Over the past seven years working with sensitive and empathic people, my feeling-centered counseling style was developed to meet unique needs.

My Approach to Counseling

I offer existential, and feeling-centered therapy. I’ve walked with many people through a broad range of very important personal and relational struggles.

I discovered profound healing and happiness can occur through emotionally releasing, spiritually healing, and sincerely looking at our early life hurts and fears, and agreements we made, which may have created social anxieties, feeling more introverted, challenges in relationships, dissociated from our emotions or feeling controlled by emotional extremes.

I help you find your heart again. Your heart is the real you. It’s the place you dream and desire, love and hurt. I want to help you heal and live from your deepest, truest heart.

A set of steps or behavior modifications alone can’t heal a person. Self help advice doesn’t do it either. If we don’t engage your heart, you won’t change. But if we do, you can transform your experience of life and your view of yourself. I believe we are all deeply shaped by the desires we have, the relationships we hold, and the experiences we endure. We are wounded in relationships and we must heal in relationships. I want to be one of those healing relationships for you.