This website is here to help anyone who feels confused, unsatisfied, or frustrated at their sensitivity and empathy. I have worked hard to discover how we can regain our sense of childhood aliveness, simple happiness, humor, playfulness, creativity, invention, and all these things we may have lost living in a world that can often feel harsh!

It’s possible to feel strong and confident as a very sensitive, deep-thinking person. The path to gaining this confidence is an emotionally courageous one. I discovered profound healing and happiness can occur through sincerely looking at our early life hurts, and fears living so sensitive, which may have created social anxieties, feeling more introverted, dissociated from our emotions or feeling controlled by them. A Life-giving path is an emotionally honest human experience, no longer living in any form of escapism, or wearing any masks. We can be who we really are and live the lives we were intended to live, and feel more connected to each other.

For a very long time I feel that sensitives have wanted someone genuine to help them with existential questions & restoring their heart. Many of us have become adults without having had this type of mentorship. I hope this website fills in that gap for you, by providing some direction, clarity and validation for your life.

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Jennifer Kass is a writer and mentor in emotional healing for men & women worldwide. After spending the past six years working with sensitives and empaths, Jennifer’s life’s work is to help people connect with their true self & in authentic human connection, through living, loving and leading with emotional courage. Jennifer created the #lovepioneer app + podcast, and an online learning course for emotional healing & courageous living. Jennifer currently lives in New York City and is writing her first book.

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