Mind-Body Healing Through Emotions


Our body knows things before we do. Maybe you will have a gut feeling about something before it happens. Our body speaks to us daily. Our lives change when we listen.

Life is a bit more dynamic than just trying to be in the present moment and always being happy; in truth our past and present is in a constant dance with each other and our body and feelings show us this every day. When something uncomfortable comes up to the surface – it’s not getting off track or falling backwards, it’s an opportunity to move forward by feeling it. It’s the natural ebb and flow of Life, of feelings, like waves of an ocean – but the waves get smaller and less painful each time emotions are fully felt and released.

The body holds all of our history, our epigenetics, the wisdom of the soul, it knows things before we know and the more connected we are to it the more we become our own authority and our own healer.

Some of you have written to me asking about physical ailments popping up as you start feeling deeper emotional hurts. When the suppressed emotions are allowed to be felt, health issues sometimes rise in locations where the suppressed memories have been held. Today’s podcast on mind-body healing through working with suppressed emotions. And why I’m no longer using the language “energy” and instead addressing emotions. At the end I share a new daily exercise to help you get back to yourself and experience more Life. This is my wish for all of us now.

Please share in the comments below what’s coming up for you, questions inspired by the podcast or previous topics!

3 responses to “Mind-Body Healing Through Emotions”

  1. Nicolien says:

    Dear Jennifer,
    I am so excited to listen to this podcast, for which I will make space tomorrow (too much going on now with 6 great children). It comes at the right time, as always and I want to thank you for it, you are like a wonderful friend to me 🙂

    • Jennifer Kass says:

      Six children is huge! You are so welcome. I am so happy you’re here and love, love that you’re finding some time for you in your very busy days. Keep me posted with all of it! I love hearing things.

  2. rahel says:

    What a gift! again! Thank you so much, Jennifer! This podcast brought me a lot of clearity. I was able to try the part of speaking to my body / symptoms and taking care of them the recent days and I am so happy to see the positive outcome of it 🙂
    I am not so sure about this part though:
    “i knew that there was an emotion inside but it hadn’t bursted out yet, so it stuck.”
    Will the emotions that want to be released come up by itself or do i have to dig? What is helpful in this process of becoming my own healer? I could imagine sitting in silence, tuning in, let any emotion that wants to come up arise and feel it to heal it 🙂 What do you think? Thanks again and already looking forward to the next one!!