Unplugging from the status quo, resolving dissociation, and restoring your heart


My word for the year came to me last week early one morning: “restore”. And it’s the theme for today’s new podcast on Heart Restoration, the beginning of an emerging conversation.

Heart restoration is the reason we experience victory over our struggles—and it can happen even in that one area of your life that is still holding out and has been the most challenging, most painful.
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It is the inclination to do life against our heart, against our soul, to do it in the world’s systems and culture, that prevents or erodes our union with our source of Life. Our hearts are not inhabiting the environment they were made for. We were created for love and curiosity and adventure every day of our lives. But so many of us aren’t living as we were intended to.
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Millions of people are trying hard but are not finding the power to live life in integrity, and heal emotional, food and chemical addictions—being busy is a modern addiction. A question we can begin to ask ourselves: Am I on the path that bears fruit and is it restoring my heart, or am I disconnected from that which truly gives me Life, and needing all these other things that are going to keep me hungry, addicted and seeking on the outside, be it spiritual or material?
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Today’s podcast on three parts of heart restoration, why the primary assault on Life and our soul is the “pace” we try to keep up with + why we can no longer live in spiritual dissociation, separated from our emotional truth.

4 responses to “Unplugging from the status quo, resolving dissociation, and restoring your heart”

  1. Great stuff, as always, Jennifer! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank You and God Bless You.

  3. Seema says:

    This podcast was packed with such richness and truth, I will re-visit often. Thank you for your strength and courage–I am grateful for your voice.

  4. Helen says:

    Your podcast was something I have listened to over and over already. I now know what I need to let go off to begin my restoration and feel truly inspired. Thank you so much